The Journey

The Ways People Communicate Evolves, And So Are We

As new forms of technology emerge, new expectations of communications developed. To accomodate these changes, we continuously improve ourselves.

Our journey started in 2001 when a group of professionals founded StraComm – abbreviation for Strategic Communications – to offer their expertise, experience and passion in the field of strategic corporate communication.

In mid-2005, StraComm changed its name to TrilliantComm. Referring to a unique diamond shape, the trilliant cut is a precise triangular type of diamond that comprises sharp edges and unparalled brilliance and fire. The name reflects the quality of how we serve our clients.

In early 2012, we started incorporating the name of our business group: Dreya Prawara Indonesia. DreyaComm was born. While still maintaining the quality of deliverables as the core of our business culture, we also started expanding to the field of research, social media monitoring, and event organizing services.

Since our early years, our collaboration with clients have strongly conducted during a period of their reputation crisis, which require a proper management of issues. Many clients have also reached for us at a time of business merger or acquisition, where an excellent communication management is needed. Our consistency of providing outstanding quality services has been the main factor that builds up more extensive and sustainable collaboration with clients.

Working on various intense and complex cases over the years has greatly improved our ability to analyze the situation and develop effective corporate communication strategy out of it, which allows us to implement programs accurately.

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