The People

Yeremia Narun

Procurement and General Affairs Manager

As the procurement and general affairs manager, Yerry makes sure that Dreyacomm only works with the best vendors and suppliers in terms of price, quality, speed of delivery and other factors. Thus, eventually Dreyacomm also delivers quality services to its clients. In his 11 years of providing support to Dreyacomm’s teams, Yerry’s notable role, among others, was his involvement in a CSR program of distributing 1,000 school packages in Lombok, Manado, Kupang, Medan, and Ambon; as well as taking an essential part in building computer laboratories in Lombok and Manado. Yerry is also known for his particular attention to details when conducting event procurement. From stage and backdrop design to lighting and sound system, he ensures our client enjoys nothing but the best. His event procurement highlights include The 4th National Congress of Assessment Center Indonesia and the Focus Group Discussions held by KedaiKOPI survey institution.

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