Crisis And Issues Management

Crisis and Issues Management

DreyaCommunications really understands that reputation is a crucial factor to any business and organization. Any disturbance to a good reputation needs to be dealt with a strategic management.

Together with our clients, we have dealt with various communication crises; from natural disaster to acquisition, to operational shutdown and product withdrawal. Our crisis and issues management team consists of experienced communication experts who possess a vast network among media, endorsers and opinion leaders.

But the truth is, a great part of good crisis management comes from a good risk management. History has shown us that the majority of catastrophic business crises are foreseeable. At DreyaCommunications, we can help clients identify dangerous issues and other reputational threats, plan for the most likely scenarios, and develop a bulletproof response and internal communications process in the event of a true crisis. With the help of our media monitoring team, we oversee these potential threats 24/7 to minimize the response time, should any of them are developing to be a real emergency.

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