Sosial Media Management

Social Media Management

Indonesia is going through a major change. With a majority population of young and productive age, the country is quickly transforming to be among those having the largest number of social media users. The situation brings the challenge of utilizing social media as the platform to build communications in accurate, effective and efficient manner. Dreya Communications has the answer to the challenge, which lies in three major services:

  1. Social Media Management. Supported by our strength and comprehensive understanding in various business sectors, we are capable of delivering cutting edge campaign strategies. Designed to accommodate specific needs, our contents are built around strict Key Performance Indicators regarding brand awareness and engagement.

  2. Social Media Audit and Survey. We are fully equipped with the capability to perform Social Media Audit to better understand our clients’ strength, weakness, opportunity and threat over the existing platform and contents, with comparisons to their competitors. We have also developed reliable methods of surveying internet users’ perspective towards the ongoing communication platforms, goal and strategy.

  3. Social Media Monitoring. We continuously monitor and analyze every development, variable and anomaly regarding followers, fan base and exchange of thoughts over various social media platforms, and perform analysis on positive and negative sentiment that may arise as a result of an ongoing campaign. All collected data will be processed to produce the most accurate communication strategy recommendation.

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